Open Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 3.30pm Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch

Exceptional Coffee in Canterbury

Bringing some of the UK's best speciality coffee roasters to our new coffee shop in Canterbury, Kent.

About Us

Quality Coffee - Perfectly Made


We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest coffee roasters in England. We use a La Marzocco Linea PB Espresso machine, industry standard grinders and we weigh each and every shot to 0.1g and monitor the precise extraction time to produce exceptional shots time after time. 

We use Hinxden Gold Top milk, specially formulated for Barista's, every Barista is fully trained to produce excellent silky milk in every coffee.

We will be serving some exciting filter coffee, using the V60 filter process.

We also offer wonderful teas and delicious locally produced cakes.

Coffee Choices


Our house blend comes from Ozone Coffee Roasters, London. We love their Empire Blend and this will be on the main grinder every day all year round.

Empire Blend is Ozone's flagship blend, it is a dark roast with flavours of Nougat, Malt and Orange. Beans come from Brazil Nova Aliancia, Brazil Santa Izabel, Colombia La Plata, Guatemala La Reforma, Ethiopia Harrar

Our second grinder will change throughout the year, we look for the finest roasters in the UK (and maybe some from Europe) and for blends that contrast with the rich dark flavours of our house blend. 

Each time we put on a new blend, we'll keep it on for 2 months at a time, so you can get used to it, it'll still be here on your next visit, but changes throughout the year to add a bit of variety.

Our filter coffee, served using the V60 method (pictured), will come from a variety of roasters. We do seek out interesting and exciting filter blends.

Debonair Tea


We have selected the amazing Debonair Tea .

Debonair Tea Company is a family-run tea business set up by Kent couple, Phil and Louisa Johnson. Tired of seeing both good and poor quality tea served badly, they believed it was possible to source, create and serve high quality loose leaf tea without pretence and set upon our mission to make exceptional tea a daily pleasure.

The builders brew served in a natural tea tea sack, brings the quality of a loose leaf tea in the convenience of a mug.

We'll also be serving pots of teas and tisanes, so whatever your cup of tea is, we have you covered.